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Track your Genes

About PrediKT

  • Knowing your own genetic map will help you plan a lifestyle that is better for your health.
  • Only test in India designed to assess your risk of 500+ conditions in a single test.
  • India’s only personalized genomic testing focusing on Asian population. 

Genetic testing can indicate your risk for developing a disease or condition

Identifying a genetic risk may inspire you to adopt a better lifestyle.

Everyone has a unique genome. Your genes influence your risk for disease.

 Fast and easy sample collection


Why PrediKT?

A single comprehensive test, to know your health, diet and beauty!

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Types of Cancer


Infectious and non-infectious diseases! 


Non disease traits!

Over 500+ Reports

How does it work?  

  • Your saliva is a bank of your genes. We extract the DNA from your saliva.
  • The DNA is coded set of information. We decode it and covert into readable information for you!!
  • This is done by our data scientists using our Artificial Intelligence.

Step 1

Order Kit


     Step 2

Sample Collection


Step 3

Lab Processing


Step 4

AI Reports


Step 5

Genetic Counselling

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