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PrediKT FAQ's

Genes are blueprint of life, genes contain vast amounts of biological information. Our genome consists of three billion base pairs, made up of combinations of four bases A, C, G & T. This is equal to summing up all newspaper letters for 24 years. Although genetic difference among people is about 0.1%, this is significant enough to affect not only physical characteristics such as skin color, height, and weight, but also personality and disease susceptibility.

PrediKT selects SNPs for each category based on genetic analysis of Asian populations. This makes PrediKT 's analysis results more accurate compared to other companies that incorporate genetic analysis of all racial populations. We analyze hundreds of thousands of SNPS specific to the Asian population. This whole analysis process is traced and managed with LIMS to ensure high experimental quality and reliability

PrediKT selects genes for analysis based on published scientific articles from leading research institutions around the world especially from Asian population. Vast amounts of new research published every year are reflected in the report through ongoing updates.

Health physical exam is a medical assessment of current health condition, but PrediKT 's genetic analysis is predictive service based on scientific and clinical research. It is best to use the genetic analysis service as a reference for improving your lifestyle habits or predicting diseases in advance.

Yes, it is necessary. This is because diseases can be predicted by understanding individual genetic characteristics. We suggest the most appropriate diet and exercise methods based on your inherited genotype, for preparing a healthy future.

Genes do not change, but research on the categories is still ongoing. Results may change in the future because of newly added genes for analysing specific categories, or changed effects of previously selected genes. If you have categories of particular interest, please check for updates and receive another test.

All customer genetic information are encrypted and anonymized according to personal information protection policy and is strictly controlled. In particular, personal identification information is protected with two different encryption methods to minimize exposure risk of genetic and personal information. With customer's consent, the remaining DNA after genetic analysis is disposed immediately.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us at We will respond quickly.